AI-EGO Self-Driving Car Youth Challenge 

  • Competition Overview

AI-EGO Self-Driving Car Youth Challenge is organized by Global Education Association for Science and Tech Corporation (GEAST) and Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (SVAIRI), supported by GES International Education, leading tech companies and schools in Silicon Valley.

The goal of AI-EGO Challenge is to inspire teens to learn and explore in the field of AI. Participating students are able to experience the applications of AI knowledge in self-driving cars, and implement the technology to solve real-world problems. Students not only improve their logical-thinking and problem-solving skills in the technical challenges, but also enhance their collaborative and cross-cultural communication ability while working with teams from different countries. 


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  • Competition Program

AI-EGO Self-Driving Car Youth Challenge is designed for students from 9-18 interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The competition is divided into two programs, with their own challenges and rules. Please refer to the Game Manual of each program for more details and regulations.

- AI-EGO Speed Challenge

- AI-EGO Innovation Challenge

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Speed Challenge

AI-ego by GES V2_final.png





Junior:  9-12

Senior:  14-18

Senior:  13-18



3-5 people/team

3-5 people/team


Teams use required AI Auto Kit to build and program their car to complete all the missions within the time limit.

Teams design their own self-driving cars that can complete a series of tasks with in the time limit. 


Only AI Auto Kit

Free Choice


Only AI Auto Kit

Raspberry Pie CPU